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One of the biggest headaches facing clients when installing or modifying an air conditioning system is the use of hot works (using a naked flame to braze the pipework connections) taking place in their building.

Aria can remove this problematic issue for you.  Two of the biggest names in the AC industry -  Conex & Rothenberger  - have joined forces to create the ’ >B< MaxiPro’ system.  Instead of using brazing to couple refrigerant pipework, it uses a press system.  Amongst a number of benefits this means no naked flames & no fumes – A massive Health & Safety risk removed.

A standard installation using a naked flame has a number of issues involved:

Documentation – A raft of Health & Safety forms need to be completed to the satisfaction of both the client and installer – something we can both do without, also the first thing to be scrutinised by the Health & Safety Executive and Insurers if there ever is a problem.

Precautions - Fire protection mechanisms need to be turned off in the near vicinity of the works taking place.  This can prove problematic and time-consuming for building control.

Fire Alarms- Even when all precautions have been taken, alarms can go off.  The knock on effect of this is not only the total evacuation of the building, but also the bill when the Fire Brigade turn up to a false alarm.

The >B< MaxiPro System

The system uses a Rothenberger Romax press to create a permanent and secure joint designed specifically for Air Conditioning & Refrigeration purposes.


Conex >B< MaxiPro fitting


  • Reliable, repeatable, permanent, tamper-proof connections every time.
  • Reduced installation time, lower overall cost.
  • Intrinsically safe – no fire hazard, dangerous materials or fumes.
  • No unintended damage as a result of heat.
  • UL certified and extensively tested.
  • >B< MaxiPro is covered by a 5 year product Guarantee.  All of our engineers are certified by Conex to install the MaxiPro System.

Conex Pressing process

Conex >B<MaxiPro Pressing Process

Conex Award Titles

Update: Since this article has been written Conex Banninger have gone on to win 'Commercial HVAC Product of the Year - Components, Controls & Accessories' at the H&V News Awards 2018.  

Take a look at our blog posts for more information on their win and also our early adoption of the product.

Conex Banninger wins industry award with press fit system

Aria ahead of the curve with the press-fit ‘revolution’

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