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When selecting a Heat pump for your House or swimming pool you will find yourself confronted with a huge selection on the market.  The question is which one do I buy?

  • You will probably get recommendations from your local heat pump supplier.
  • You will look online.  Look at prices and reviews.
  • Possibly have a friend give you advice.

The problem is that the market is awash with imported ‘container’ heat pumps that are cheap to buy, but can you trust them? Are they reliable? Is it worth the saving?? Frankly, it’s an impossible question to answer, partly because there are so many brands that appear ‘in a containers’ from the ports and disappear as soon as the last one is sold from the shelves.

That sinking feeling

no name Heat PumpIn our experience these heat pumps, assuming they are built to European and British standards, are fine until, inevitability as with every mechanical item, a part fails.
What usually happens then, is that you may well find that the brand you bought no longer exists; and if it does there is not a company to honour a warranty or give technical ‘back up or support’.

In our experience, when we get called to look at these types of Heat Pumps there are generally a couple of outcomes:

  • Firstly, we can’t source the ‘usual failure’ parts to fix the heat pump (i.e. fan motors / PCBs / Compressors)
  • Secondly, if we can source the parts, it is more cost effective to replace the whole unit, when parts and labour are estimated and long lead times for spare parts are considered.

Our advice when it comes to buying an air source heat pump.

Look at the brand, is it a recognised name? What warranty is offered on the equipment? Does it have an established UK distributor? Do they have a technical support facility? Have they built up a good reputation?

The age old adage of ‘If the purchase price is too good to be true, it probably is’.

We can only recommend that you consider the ‘long term lifespan’ of the heat pump. An established brand with reliable backup will cost more to purchase in the short term. It will end up costing you less over the life span of the equipment, here’s why:

  • It is likely to last longer – better quality components, better warrantees – we can offer up to 5 years parts and labour warranty on Mitsubishi Electric equipment.
  • It can be repaired – spare parts are usually available for delivery within 1 to 5 days. (Essential when your heat pump fails during the peak of winter!)
  • You will always find a company to assess the problem, even if the original installer is no longer trading.

If you are considering installing or replacing a Heat Pump for your swimming pool or house, please give us a call and we will be happy to advise where we can.

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