The two biggest AC industry magazines ‘H&V News’ and ‘ACR Journal’ recently ran articles on the Conex Banninger ‘>B< MaxiPro’ press-fit solution.

press fit maxi pro

The articles highlight how the technique could revolutionise the Air Conditioning industry. Aria has been implementing the solution since the launch of the product in the UK.

As an Air Conditioning company we have been reliant on the traditional method of ‘brazing’ for the installation and repair of refrigerant pipework. Brazing on-site brings a number of challenges. The biggest headache is having to use a naked flame on site.

For us this means:

  • We have to make building management aware that we are using ‘hot works’ and provide a raft of health and safety documents.
  • Bring bulky flammable equipment to site.
  • Ensure all Health and Safety aspects of using flammable materials are all accounted for.
  • Use a naked flame to produce heat of at least 450 degrees C. This is the temperature at which brazing can occur.
  • Cause as little disruption as possible.
  • Maintain a fire watch for at least 2 hours after works have finished.

As a customer this means:

  • ‘Hot work’ permits have to be issued by Building management.
  • Turning off fire protection methods – No-one wants the brazing work to set off a fire alarm or potentially triggering sprinklers.
  • Have the concern of the use of a naked flame on site.
  • Manage the disruption to staff while works are taking place.

By using ‘>B< MaxiPro’ we can avoid all the issues listed above. This clearly has benefits for all parties involved.  Crucially, it also allows us to make efficiencies, which we can then pass on to you, the client.

pressfiti in use

Press-Fit is not new

There have been similar press-fit solutions before. As a company we have chosen not use these as we felt the technology was only just emerging. We now feel assured a product has come along that is mature enough for us to get behind.

Why use this solution?

‘>B< MaxiPro’ is manufactured by Conex Banninger, an established market leader for pipework fittings. The press-fit tooling is manufactured by Rothenberger, another established market leader.

We feel that with these two industry heavyweights behind the product, we can be confident in the quality and the continued investment in the technology.

Other factors

All our engineers have been provided training and are certified by Conex Banninger to use the system. This means all the fittings come with a 5 year warranty.


Each fitting has a unique tracking reference. This means we can tell:

  • When it was manufactured.
  • In which batch it was manufactured with.
  • When it was shipped to the supplier.
  • Which supplier it was shipped to.
  • When it was purchased.
  • Which other fittings were in the pack.

In short we can install and repair Air Conditioning pipework in a safer more efficient manner that benefits all parties.

ACR Journal - Article

Conex Bänninger predicting a press revolution

H&V News - Article

Press-fit technology ready to move from heating to 'revolutionise' cooling

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