Mitsubishi Electric PartnerAria are a Mitsubishi Electric Business Partner,  this benefits you the customer.  

Below are some of the reasons how:

7 Year Extended warranty

As business providers we can provide you with a warranty lasting up to 7 years.  In order to obtain the extended warranty Mitsubishi require in depth commissioning information.  This means that as a customer you can be assured that the installation of any equipment reached Mitsubishi’s exacting standards.


Our engineers receive Mitsubishi specific training as part of the partner programme ensuring that any installation or troubleshooting exercise is carried out in the most efficient and competent  manner.

We also have priority access to Mitsubishi Technical support enabling us to get expert advice fast.

Product awareness

We have access to Mitsubishi’s extensive product library.  This allows us to make sure the solution we provide is the most appropriate and informed choice for you.

This gives us access to not only their exhaustive knowledge base but also their Case Studies and information on design innovations and emerging technologies.

Such a close relationship to Mitsubishi's 121 division allows Aria access to Cutting Edge techology. Aria recently installed their City Multi R22 Replace system, this was the very first time it had been done in this country. 


For more information you can take a look at the Mitsubishi Electric Business Partner website :


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