bucket catching a dripWhen you spot water leaking from your air conditioning (A/C) unit, the reason for it can be a little baffling. Condensation can be caused during the dehumidifying process, but it shouldn’t produce a leak. There are a number of issues that can lead to a leak in an A/C system, which will need to be addressed to get your unit back running smoothly.

There are times when you might be able to sort out an issue yourself, but if you’re not sure about what you’re doing, then it is a prudent move to call in an air conditioning professional to address your issues.

So...What could a leak mean?

Improper Installation - A leak could be the result of a badly installed unit. When an A/C unit isn’t fitted level, then pooling of water can occur. A simple check with a spirit level will tell you whether it is on an even keel or not.

Closed Vents - When some vents in an A/C system are closed, there can be a buildup of pressure, which can also lead to a collection of water. The increased pressure puts a strain on the valves, which in turn causes the leak. Open all of the vents and you may find that this sorts out the problem.

A Broken Pump - A pump in an A/C unit is there to pump excess water out. If this is not happening correctly, then obviously this excess will have to collect somewhere and find its way out. This can be quickly tested by pouring water into the condenser pan. If this is water does not go anywhere, then there is a problem with the pump.

A Blocked Drain Hole - When water is expelled by the pump, it usually exits the system via the drain hole. However, if it is blocked with debris, then this will channel the water to unwanted areas. If this is the source of the problem, simply clearing away the debris will stop your leak.

An Air Leak - If warm air gets into your A/C unit, it will cause moisture condensation as soon as it meets the cold air. This can be caused by loose seals and will again result in a pooling of water, resulting in a leak. Resealing the unit is more than likely a job for an air conditioning repair professional, so we’d recommend seeking advice before doing anything.

Blocked Air Filters - One common issue that can result in a water leak is a clogged filter. This can happen to any A/C unit during the course of its life and often occurs due to a lack of maintenance. Once it becomes blocked, ice may begin to form on the evaporator coils, which melts and leads to pooling water.

The majority of air filters in Split System Air Conditioners are only designed to be used for 2 or perhaps 3 months at the most, so it pays to keep an eye on how clean they are. A dirty filter can be easily cleaned, solving your annoying leak.

Why it Needs Fixing

Whilst a slight leak might not seem like a massive issue, it might be a symptom of a larger problem. It also means that your A/C unit is not running as efficiently as it could, which will be costing your company money. Left for long enough, this could add up to a significant sum.

If you need any advice on anything discussed here or more general information about your A/C systems, you can call us anytime on 0118 327 1900 or visit our website at www.arialtd.co.uk

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