Worldwide air conditioning leader, Panasonic, has teamed up with distributors, FSW and Aria for the rejuvenation of the centrally situated Mercure Hotel Norwich.
As part of a recent refurbishment, the Mercure Hotel has been retrofitted with 45 Panasonic Etherea ECONAVI air conditioning units. Reading contractor, Aria Ltd, chose the Panasonic Etherea wall mounts through nationwide distributor FSW primarily because the innovatively eco-friendly units proved to be an all round cost-effective and energy-saving solution.

After responding to customer feedback, the Mercure Norwich Hotel’s owners embarked on a project to install in-room air conditioning to enhance the comfort of their stay. Panasonic’s Etherea system offered the ideal combination of stylish indoor units, capable of providing cost-effective, reliable air conditioning in the 68 bedrooms of the hotel.

Panasonic’s Etherea range incorporates the innovative Econavi technology. Econavi features an intelligent human activity sensor to optimise air conditioner operation according to room conditions – it detects and reacts to human presence and activities. With just one touch of a button, users can save energy efficiently with uninterrupted cooling, comfort and convenience. Savings of up to 35% are possible in cooling mode and 45% in heating mode. Thanks to the I-on air purifying system, Panasonic’s Etherea units are not only air conditioning but also extremely high-quality air purifying systems.

“Fundamentally the ECONAVI system within Panasonic’s air conditioning wall mounts really sold it to us as suppliers and advisors. We knew from the off-set that contractors and consumers alike can see the obvious benefits from the Etherea’s energy saving initiative”, says Peter Emanuel, Air Conditioning Product Manager of FSW.

The Etherea ECONAVI works with a number of different technologies to provide cool, clean, healthy air. A continual varied output can be achieved with the use of an inverter system, creating a saving of up to 64% in energy, and when used alongside the Eco Patrol system, attaining a possible 71% saving.

The hotel rooms are now constantly monitored with the ECONAVI sensors and patrol systems; detecting human presence and levels of activity, adjusting the cooling, heating and air flow levels accordingly. It achieves this through picking up the infrared rays emitted into the room. While conventional heating/cooling systems remain constant, irrespective of the amount of people and their activeness, ECONAVI, reacts to changes, directing air flow to where it is required, thus saving energy and reducing costs.

“An air conditioning system that reduces wasted energy through an intelligent high-precision Human Sensor and Control Program and optimises operation according to the room conditions is hard to beat“, adds Peter. “The Mercure Hotel, whose main objectives were reliability and cost-efficiency will no doubt benefit from this. Compared with the other options available, there really was only one choice.”

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